WarpDrive is a bridging service between Bitcoin and Ethereum network that enables seamless cross-chain liquidity.

WarpDrive will go live on December 18, 2023. WarpDrive users can wrap and unwrap BRC20 <> ERC20 tokens. $HRZN will be the first cross-chain asset available on WarpDrive.

A WarpDrive protocol fee will be taken for bridging. A portion of protocol revenue will be distributed to $HRZN holders.

How does WarpDrive work?

Bridging between Bitcoin and Ethereum

Much like WBTC, WarpDrive is a secure, custodial bridge between Bitcoin and Ethereum. Users deposit BRC20 tokens into WarpDrive's custodial wallet on Bitcoin. After confirming the transactions, WarpDrive will transfer the respect ERC20 token to the user's Ethereum address.

Similarly, when users move assets between Ethereum and Bitcoin, users will first deposit wrapped BRC20 tokens into WarpDrive on Ethereum.

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